Subscription Terms and Conditions

Subscription Terms and Conditions

Your subscription for Monitor Business Reviews will start when Monitor Business Reviews confirms your payment and will continue for a period of of the subscription purchased.

Subscriptions purchased on the Monitor Business Reviews Online Store are billed at the beginning of the subscription. Subscriptions purchased from Monitor Business Reviews are paid in full in advance.

When you purchase a subscription, auto-renew is automatically selected in your Monitor Business Reviews Account. At the end of the subscription period, Monitor Business Reviews will sign you up and bill you for an additional subscription term equal to the one you originally purchased at then-current pricing. If you do not wish your subscription to auto-renew, you may uncheck the auto-renew box in your Monitor Account Reviews Account prior to the end of your current subscription term.

General Terms and Conditions for all Product Subscriptions

Subscriptions plans are non-cancelable and non-returnable. You may change your auto-renewal preferences in your Monitor Business Reviews Account, but no refunds will be paid on any remaining subscription or upgrade plan period.

If you allow your Subscription to lapse, your Monitor Business Reviews software licensed on a subscription basis will no longer run. If you allow your upgrade plan to lapse, you will no longer have access to the latest software.

Subscription and upgrade plan pricing is subject to change. New pricing takes effect upon renewal of your subscription or upgrade plan.

Once payment has been confirmed it generally takes 24-48 hours before reviews begin to flow into your account.