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Handling Negative Customer Reviews

Larry BradshawResponding to Reviews

Ouch! Why would anyone leave a negative review about you? No matter the industry, levels of service or number of degrees you have, negative reviews are going to happen and it’s no secret that they strike deep at our egos.

Lean on our tips to quelling the discontent with smart responses and solutions for making it right and you can easily turn this negative review into a shining moment for your company, your brand and your reputation.

Don’t be quick to cover up the negative reviews

It goes against everything your inner being is telling you, but negative reviews aren’t a bad thing. In fact, 30% of consumers assume online reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews associated with your business.

Trust us here.

The key factor is how to respond to those reviews and the first step is to pause, breathe, and pause again. Reactive and defensive comments are a bigger killer to your reputation than any negative feedback the customer shared.

It’s time for a little psychology here. You’ve got to get comfortable with hearing:

  • There is something you didn’t do well
  • There is something you or your company failed to provide
  • (And this one is difficult) You’re not perfect

Once you come to terms with that in your own head, you’re far better poised to respond sympathetically and objectively.

Ready to Get Professional?

This is where the rubber hits the road and where you have an opportunity to shine. We like to call this the “high-road” and where you can strategically turn the tables.

Start with understanding.“Oh my goodness, that is never how we want any of our customers to feel.”

Apologize.“We couldn’t feel any worse about your experience and we’re so sorry.”

Be objective.“Our goal is never to overlook things like this. You’ve shed light on an important area that we’re reviewing so no one else experiences this.”

Make it right.“[Use there name here if you have it] Claire, we want everyone to get the service they deserve. Let us make it up to you. Please email us at so we can make it right. Your review helps us be better and we appreciate your honesty.”

Reflect on Negative Reviews

Ok, so there’s a chance you have a gap in your service or possible overlooked something with a product or the process. Use this as an opportunity to improve.

Negative reviews will happen.

And honestly, you’ll encounter some people you can’t win back.

But you can always use it to develop a better version of you…so use at one to grow on.

Now, dust yourself off and get back to being Excellent!

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